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Dybala shocked by his Torino substitution

The situation in Turin was not the best for Juventus. The team was in the middle of the relegation zone, but the coach decided to make a change. The situation worsened when the player who had been playing for the team for a long time, Gattuso, left.
The Italian football expert, Gianluca Di Marzio, who was in Turino for the match, said that the situation was not good for the Bianco-Neri. The coach of the team, Allegri, decided to replace Gattis with the player from the Brescia team, Antonio Candreva.

The substitution of Candrevera caused a lot of emotions in the team. The fans were expecting a good performance from the young player, but he was not able to make it. The young player was replaced by the player of the Milan team, Lorenzo Insigne.
In the match against Torino, the Bianconeri were able to win, but it was not enough for them to get into the playoffs. The club will have to play in the Europa League, so they will have a chance to get out of the crisis.
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Latest news on the Turin derby
The team of Allegri was able to beat the team of Torino. However, the team did not have a good start and the first half of the match was not successful. The second half of this game was not so successful, too.
It was not a good game for Juventus, because the team was not in the best shape. The players were tired from the previous matches and were not able play in a match against a rival.
However, the coach of Juventus, Allegria, decided not to make any substitutions, because he did not want to lose the match. He decided to leave the players in the starting lineup, because they were not in shape for the Europa league.
After the game, the fans of the club were not satisfied with the results. The game against Torinos was not as successful as the game against Brescianese.
Fans of the Turineses were upset by the fact that the team lost to a team from the lower division. The loss of points was not acceptable to them.
This is not the first time that the fans have been dissatisfied with the performance of the Juventus.
They are not satisfied by the results, so the team will have problems in the future. The Turinese team is not in a good shape, too, so it will be difficult to win the Europa championship.
Juventus has a good chance to win it, but they will need to do their best in every match. The main goal of the Bianconi is to get to the Champions League zone.
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The fans of Juventus are not happy with the team’s results. They are not pleased with the fact the team is in the lower divisions, but Allegri has not given up on the team and is trying to win gold medals.
If the team manages to win a trophy, then they will be able to get a new coach. Allegri wants to choose a coach who will be in a position to help the team win the European cups.
Recently, the new coach of Turin, Antonio Conte, has been in a bad mood. Allegria has not been able to show their best game, so Allegri decided to give the new head coach a chance.
Conte has started to show his skills, but his team still has a long way to go. The new coach needs to do his best in the matches against the teams from lower divisions.
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All the latest livescore of the derby
Juve was not at its best in this match. Allegro decided to change the lineup of the players and made a substitution. The player who was playing for Juventus for a while, Giorgio, was replaced with Candrevere.
Candrever was not playing well at the beginning of the season. He was injured and was not used to the game. The Italian football specialist, Gianluco Di Marziio, said the team needed to change Candreve.
β€œIt is not good to replace the player with someone who is not playing in the Serie A. It is necessary to change him, because Candreever is not able at the moment to play at the level that the club needs him to play.”
The coach of Allegria decided to play Candreaver with Gattas, who had played for the club for a few years. The substitution of Giorgos was not very successful, because Giorgo was not comfortable with the game and did not make the most of his opportunities.
Giorgio was replaced at the end of the game by the young and talented Lorenzo Insignes. The Juventus player was not happy about the substitution, because it was a bad decision by Allegri.
Lorenzo was not ready for the game at the start of the tournament, so he was replaced after the first match.

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