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In 1994, Arsenal had the chance to sign Dutch footballing legend, Frank Rijkaard…

In 1994, Arsenal had the chance to sign Dutch footballing legend, Frank Rijkaard… but the club decided to wait until the end of the season.
The Dutchman was one of the main stars of Ajax, which was one step ahead of Arsenal in the fight for the championship.
However, the Gunners were not able to get into the top-4, and Rijkard was one among the players who left the club.
After that, the club was in a bad way. The team was not able even to get a place in the Champions League zone.
In the summer, the team was in the middle of a transfer campaign, and it was obvious that the club would have to make some serious changes.
But the management decided to give the players a chance to prove themselves.
Thus, the players were able to show their maximum in the national championship, and the club managed to finish in the 4th place.
It is worth noting that the management was not very successful in the transfer market, so the club did not get a lot of money.

The club managed not to get the Champions Cup, but it managed to get an additional place in Europa League.
This is a great result for the team.
If the club manages to get to the top 4, it will be the first time in the club’s history.
Now, the management is trying to bring the club back to the Champions’ League zone, but the Gunner players are not ready to give up yet.
They are ready to fight for a place at the top of the English Premier League. The club is in a good shape, and this is why it is so important for the management to give it all to the players.
You can always follow the development of the team on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find all the information about the team, as well as the livescore results of its games.
Team’s Prospects in the Next Season
The Gunners are in a difficult position, because they have to fight against:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;

* Chelsea.
All of these teams are in the top four of the Premier League, so they can decide who will get into their group.
Moreover, the clubs are not in the best shape, so it is not surprising that they have not been able to fight at the highest level for a long time.
So, the next season will be very important for Arsenal, because it will determine whether the club will be able to make progress in the English championship or not.
At the moment, the main goal of the Gun club is to get in the Europa League zone this time. However, it is worth highlighting that the team is not in a very good shape.
Therefore, it can be said that the Gun team will have to work very hard, because the club is not ready for the fight in the Premier league.
Despite the fact that the players are in such a bad shape, the Arsenal management is not giving up.
According to the results of the livescores, the fans can expect a lot from the club, and they can be sure that the situation will improve in the near future.
Arsenal’ Current Situation
The current season of the EPL is very interesting for the fans, because a lot has changed in the team’ situation.
First of all, the situation in the Gun is not good, because there are only a few players who are able to play in the attack.
Secondly, the coach is not able, because of the lack of experience, to give instructions to the team leaders.
Thirdly, the squad is not very strong, so there is no one to take the leadership position.
Also, the number of goals scored by the team members is not that high, so in the current season, the results are not so good.
As a result, the EFL Cup is not as successful for the Gun, and in the future, the problems in the squad will increase.
That is why the fans have high expectations from the team in the next year.
Of course, the current situation of the club can not be called bad, but there are many more problems that the fans should be aware of.
For example, the lack in the number and quality of players. The Gunners have only a couple of players who can play in a wide position. However the club has a lot more players who have already left the team and are not able at the moment to play on the field.
Another problem is the lack the transfer campaign. The management is in the midst of a serious transfer campaign and is not doing its best to get good results.
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Live Results of Arsenal Games
The season of English football is coming to an end, and now the fans of the championship have a chance for a lot changes. The last matches of the campaign are already very interesting, and here you can find the live results of them.
Among the teams that have already reached the final, you should note Arsenal.
During the season, it was clear that the London Arsenal was not going to be able not to fight in every match. The main goal for the club in the championship was to get one of its places in the European Cup zone.

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