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Transfer rumours: Barcelona will bid almost 100M pounds for Mbappe!

The transfer market is becoming more active, and it is easy to find rumours about it on the Internet. The transfer of Lionel Messi from Barcelona to Juventus is a good example of this. The player left the club for free, and the price of the transfer was 100 million pounds.
The club has already spent about 100 million in the last year, so the new contract will cost them even more.
However, the price is not the only thing that concerns the club. The price of Messi is a bit high, because the player is worth about 100million. However, the club can get a good price for the player, because he is the leader of the team.
It is easy for fans to follow the transfer rumours on the website of sports statistics, because they are updated in real time. The main thing is to have a good Internet connection.

Latest news on the transfer of Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain to Barcelona
The Brazilian Neymar is the main star of the Paris Saint Germain team, and he is one of the main reasons for the success of the club in the domestic arena.
Neymar has been at the club since the age of 14, and has become one of its main stars. The Brazilian is one the main leaders of the squad, and this has caused a lot of problems for the club, because it is not very popular in the country.
In the last season, the team managed to win the Champion title, which is a great achievement for the team and its fans.
This summer, the Parisians are trying to improve the situation in the international arena, and Neymar will be one of their main goals.
There are rumours that the club will offer the player a new contract, because this will help the club to get more money.
Will Barcelona buy Neymar?
The Parisians have a lot to do, because their rivals are also trying to buy the star player. Barcelona is one such club, and there are rumours about the club buying the player.
One of the most obvious options is to buy Neymer, because many people believe that the player will leave the club if he is not bought.
Barcelona has already managed to buy Messi, and they are now trying to get Neymar. However this will be a very difficult task, because there are a lot more stars in the club than Neymar, and many of them want to leave the team, too.
Another option is to sell the player to another club, but this will cost a lot. It is easy enough to find out the price, because people are trying this option.
Borussia Dortmund is one club that is interested in buying Neymar
There is also a club that has already bought the player and is trying to sell him to another team. This is a very good option, because now the player can play for a long time, and his price will not be very high.
Many fans are looking forward to the new season, because in the new tournament, the Champions League, the Dortmund team will be very strong.
Fans can follow the latest news on Neymar on the sports statistics website, where the information is updated in live mode. It’s easy to do this, because you just need to have an Internet connection and a stable connection. The website of the sports statistic is available to all users, and you can find it on any gadget.
Latest transfer news from the world of football
The new season of the Champions Cup is now in full swing, and fans can see a lot new transfers.
Among the most interesting transfers are the following:
1. Neymar to Barcelona.
2. Liverpool to Manchester United.
3. Chelsea to Manchester City.
4. Juventus to Real Madrid.
5. Manchester United to Juventus.
6. Tottenham to Chelsea.
7. Bayern to ManchesterUnited.
8. Valencia to Atletico.
9. Atletico to Barcelona, and so on.
All these transfers will help to improve and strengthen the team in the future.
Who will be the main player of the new team?
There will be several main players of the next team, because everyone wants to win in the Champions league.
Real Madrid is one team that is looking forward for the new campaign. The club has a lot in reserve, and these are the main players who will help it to win gold medals.
Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo will be at the forefront of the attack, but the main goal of the Madrid team is to win a place in the top 4.
At the moment, the main rivals of Real are Barcelona and Manchester United, but they are not the main contenders for the title.
If the team manages to win all the trophies it is able to, then it will be considered one of top 4 clubs.
You can follow all the news on Real Madrid on the site of sports statistical. It provides all the latest information on the club and its players.
Where can you find the latest transfer news on football?
It’ll be easy to follow all transfer news, because on the web portal of sports statistic you will find all the information in real-time mode.
On the site, you can follow not only the news from Real Madrid, but also other teams.

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