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What’s happened to David de Gea?

The Spanish goalkeeper has been in the news for a long time, but the latest news is really interesting.
The Portuguese coach of Real Madrid, Marcelo, has decided to replace the goalkeeper of the team, David De Gea, with the young goalkeeper of Manchester United, Wilfried Zaha.
This decision is not surprising, because De Geas is a very good goalkeeper, who has already won the Champions League.
However, the Portuguese coach has decided that the young player will play in the position of a number 9, which is a good decision.
It is worth noting that De Geasa is a young player, who is still learning the game.
In the future, he will have to prove himself in the Premier League, but he has already shown that he is able to play in a number 10 position.

The new goalkeeper of Real is a goalkeeper who is able not only to save the ball, but also to make a good save.
He is able, in particular, to make good saves in the following situations:
* when the ball is in the penalty area;
* when the player is in a good position;
* when the goalkeeper is not in good shape.
All these situations are very important, because in the last season, the team lost a lot of points.
After the previous season, Real Madrid became the champion of the EPL, but it lost the title to Liverpool.
Now, the new goalkeeper will have a chance to prove that he has all the necessary skills to become a champion.
What are the goals of Manchester City?
The English Premier League is one of the most popular football championships in the world.
Despite the fact that the season is not over yet, the results of the teams are already very good.
Manchester City is one the main contenders for the title of the strongest team in the country.
They have a very strong squad, which can be called the best in the EFL Cup.
Many people are interested in the team of Guardiola, because it is very strong and has a good level of motivation.
At the same time, the club has a very bright squad, and the players are ready to take part in any match.
Another thing that attracts the fans is the fact the the club is able win the title.
If the team does not win the championship, it will be very difficult to keep the title, because many teams are stronger than the Citizens.
Will the team win the Champions league again?
This year, the ChampionsLeague will be held, and many teams have already won it.
Among them, the most interesting are:
1. Liverpool. The team of Jurgen Klopp has a great level of performance, and it is able make a real sensation in the Championsleague.
2. Manchester City. The Citizens have a good squad, but they are not able to win the Epl title. However, the squad of Guardiola is very good, and they are able to do great things.
3. Bayern. The club of Niko Kovac is one among the strongest teams in the Bundesliga.
4. Chelsea. The squad of Jose Mourinho is very dynamic, and their performance is very interesting. However the club does not have the necessary motivation for winning the Champions.
5. Barcelona. The Catalans have a great squad, with which they can win the champion title. They are able, however, to lose it. However they have a strong lineup, which will allow them to fight for the gold.
There are a lot more teams that can fight for gold, but we will see how the season will develop, because the team has a lot to prove.
Who will win the English Premier league?
In this season, there are a number of teams that are able fight for a place in the top-4.
One of them is Manchester City, which has a number 1 and 2 positions in the standings.
You can follow the results on the website of sports statistics, where you can find the latest information about the E PL.
Most interesting matches of the season
The season has already ended, and there are already a lot interesting matches.
Here is a list of the best matches of this season:
• Manchester United vs Chelsea;
• Manchester City vs Liverpool;
The first match of the English premier league was quite tense, but in the end, the teams managed to draw a lot.
Chelsea was the first to score, and then the Citizens equalized the score.
Then, the game was stopped, because of the injury of the referee.
That is why the game ended in a draw.
United was the second team to score. Then, the Citizens scored the first goal, but then the ball was kicked out of the goal.
As a result, the score was 2:2.
Both teams had a lot chances to win, but after the first match, it is clear that the Citizens have the upper hand.
Next match will be a tense struggle for the champion’s title. It is worth mentioning that the team is able fight against the leaders of the Premier league, because they have the same level of players.

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