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Why is Cristiano Ronaldo so upset with Spain’s players?

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the most expensive player of the season, but he is also the main reason for the failure of the Spanish team. The Portuguese is the main star of the national team, but the rest of the team is not so good.

The problem is that Ronaldo is not the only one who is not performing well. The team is also not the best in the international arena.
The Portuguese player has a contract with the club, and he is supposed to show the best performance. However, it is clear that the player is not in the best shape.
It is also clear that he is not happy with the team’s performance. Ronaldo is always ready to criticize his teammates, and it is easy to see that he does not like the way the team plays.
However, the Spanish national team is one of the best teams in the world, and the players are able to win matches. It is clear, that the team has a good chance to win the European Championship.
Who will be the main favorites of the tournament?
The main favorites for the tournament are the following:
1. Spain. The Spanish national football team is the best at the international level. The main goal of the Spaniards is to win gold medals in the tournament.
2. Germany. The German national team has been performing well at the world arena for a long time. The Germans are able not only to win, but also to get the best result in the matches.
3. Italy. The Italian national team was the best team in the domestic arena for many years. Now, the team seems to be losing its strength.
4. France. The French national team also has a lot of potential. However the team still needs to improve its game.
5. England. The English national team looks very strong, but it is not yet able to demonstrate its full potential.
6. Portugal. The Portugal national team needs to work on its game, and this will be very important for the team’s chances of winning gold medals.
7. Belgium. The Belgian national team always shows good results, and many of them are the best results of the European championships.
8. Netherlands. The Dutch national team continues to be one of Europe’ best teams.
9. France again. The national team of the country is very strong and has a bright future.
10. Spain again. This time the Spanish players are not the weakest, and they are able win the gold medals again.
All the results of all the tournaments can be found at the website of sports statistics.
The player who is the most famous in the Spanish football, Cristiano, has recently become the most valuable. The player was bought for a record price of 110 million euros.
This is a huge amount of money for the Spanish league, but this is not surprising, because the player has already scored a lot.
He is the leader of the attack of the club Real Madrid, and his goals are very important. He has already managed to score many goals in the Champions League.
In the English Premier League, the player also scored many goals, but now he is the second most important player of Liverpool.
Why is Ronaldo so angry with the Spanish club?
Crazy rumors about his behavior at the club
Recently, the rumors about the behavior of Cristiano at the Real Madrid have become more and more popular.
Many people have already heard about his fights with the coach Zinedine Zidane, but they are not true.
Zidane is a good coach, but Cristiano is not a good player.
Consequently, the Portuguese player is always unhappy with his teammates.
After the victory of the Champions Cup, the players of Real Madrid started to lose their cool with Cristiano.
They started to criticize him, and even the coach was not able to stop him.
“You are the leader,” they said to him. “You should be able to decide the fate of the game.”
‘You are not a leader, you are a player,’ they said.
But the Portuguese did not understand their words.
You can watch the video of the fight between the players and Zidanes here.
What is the reason of Cristianos’ anger with the Madrid team?
The coach of Real is not able at the moment to stop Cristiano from scoring goals.
Of course, he is able to give instructions to the player, but Zidani is not always able to follow them.
Therefore, the coach is not very interested in the results, but only in the goals scored.
If the Portuguese star is not interested in his performance, then the coach has to find a solution.
There are several possible ways of solving this problem. The first one is to give the player a new contract. The second one is for the coach to make a transfer of the player. The third one is a loan.
Real Madrid is not rich, but if the club is able, then it is able not to buy the player for a certain amount of time.
Fans have already seen the results that the Portuguese team is able with the player of Real.

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