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Messi: “Without the fans I wouldn’t have been here”

Barcelona’s new coach Ernesto Valverde has a new team, but the same problems that have been facing the team for the past few years still exist.
The team’s main problem is the lack of motivation. The previous season the team was almost the only one that didn’t win the Champions League, and this time the team doesn’’ t have the same motivation to do so.
However, the players are aware that they have to do their best to win the trophy, and they are doing their best.
“We are not the only team that has problems with motivation. We are not even the best in the league, so we have to work hard to win. We have to be focused and not to lose our cool. We can’’t be too confident, because we are not in the best shape. We need to show our best game,” said Messi.
In the current season, the Argentine forward is the main star of the team, and he is also the leader of the attack.

The club’s main problem, however, is the fact that the players have no trust in each other. Messi is the leader, but he doesn“™t always trust the others.
Valverde is trying to solve this problem, and the coach has already managed to improve the team’ s mood.
Messi is confident that the team will be able to win gold medals again.
“We are a team that can win the championship. We just need to be more focused and to be able not to make mistakes. We don’”t need to win everything at once, we just need a good start. We want to win a trophy, but we are also a team with a lot of potential. We’ll see what we can do in the next season,“ he said.
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Live football scores
The season of the Champions league is in full swing, and many teams are trying to get into the top-4. The main contenders for the title are:
* Real Madrid;
* Juventus;
* Barcelona;
* Manchester City;
and, of course, Liverpool.
Of course, the main contenders are the teams that have already won the Champions trophy. However, the fight for the trophy is not over yet, as the teams are still in the middle of the tournament.
At the moment, the following teams are in the top 4:
1. Real Madrid. The team has already won two Champions trophies, so it is very confident. The club has a good lineup, and it is ready to do its best. The Royal Club is one of the main favorites of the current tournament. The following players are the main stars of the club:
• Ronaldo;
• Ronaldo;
• Bale;
• Benzema;
· Ramos;
● Bale; Delaney;
● Isco;
The main goal of the Royal Club this season is to get to the Champions final.
2. Juventus. The Turin club is in the second place of the standings, and its main goal is to win another Champions trophy, as it already won one. The players have a good squad, and everyone can count on the team.
3. Barcelona. The Catalans are in a good shape, and if they manage to get past the first round, then they will definitely be able win the tournament, as they have already done it twice.
4. Manchester City. The Citizens are in good shape too, and their main goal this season will be to get the Champions title.
5. Liverpool. The Merseysiders are in excellent shape, as their main task is to finish in the Champions’ zone.
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Upcoming games of the season
The upcoming season promises to be interesting not only for the teams, but also for the fans. The teams are all in the same situation, and there is no doubt that they will fight for a place in the elite.
This season, many teams have already managed the Champions’ trophy, so they are confident enough to start the fight. The first matches of each team will determine the fate of the position in the standings.
Among the main rivals of the Catalans, you can also find Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico. The last of the abovementioned teams is in a very bad shape, so the fans will have to wait for a long time before they can watch the matches.
Despite the fact, that the teams have a lot to prove, the fans are still interested in the fight, as many of them are already tired of the old teams.
For example, in the past season, Real Madrid won the title, but they were very close to losing it.

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